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All players must be USA hockey registered. All referee's are USA Hockey official and follow the USA hockey rulebook.


Game Logistics

- All games are 3 periods of 15 minute stop-clock.

- Each team shall have 5 minutes before the game for warm-ups. 

- Tie game at the end of regulation will go to a 5 minute OT period, sudden death.  If no one scores after five minutes the game ends in a tie. Each team will recieve 1 point. 

Playoff Games will NOT HAVE A SHOOTOUT. 5 minute repeating overtimes until someomne scores- first goal wins

- All teams will play league games against other division opponents.

- All teams make playoffs. 

Playoff situations - Tied teams in standings will go Head to Head - if they are still tied it will go to fewest goals against. 


Team Uniforms

- Uniforms are provided by the league for the players.

- Each team will be required to wear matching jerseys throughout the season.

- All players will need matching jersey AND have a listed number on the back.

- Players are asked to wear their game issued socks. 



- The schedule will be found on the website www.hockeyatproskate.com

- All changes to the schedule will be updated on the website as soon as the changes arise.

- Game times are subject to change. 



Penalties assessed to any given player may include one or all of the following:

- 2 minute minor

- 4 minute-double minor

- 5 minute major (upon the 5-minute major, the game misconduct to follow is up to the discretion of the ref).

- 10 minute misconduct

- Game Misconduct.

- 4 penalties (for a player) will result in a game misconduct and automatic game ejection.

- Suspensions can be dealt if league supervisor deems an inappropriate action. 

Suspension Protocol




Forfeits of Adult Hockey games will happen under the following situations

- A team is found using a player from an opposing team without permission of the league. 

- A team is found to be using a suspended player.

- A team is found using players not on their current roster - no outside players. 

- A team shows up with less than 5 skaters.

- No players can play for other teams. No exceptions. 


Running Time and Privileges

- Running clock in the 3rd period for teams up by 6 goals

- A game is plagued by 16 or more total penalties will cause running time for the remainder of the game. The referee can also call the game (end the game) if he/she feels the game is out of control and deemed not safe.



2 points - Win

1 point - Overtime Loss

0 points - Loss 

Playoff situations. Tied teams in standings will go Head to Head - if they are still tied it will go to fewest goal against. 

Standings listed  - www.hockeyatproskate.com